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I want to help you feel better inside and out. I want you to succeed and make HEALTHY EATING ACTIVE LIVING™ your new lifestyle. Whether you are just getting started with your nutrition or training or if you’ve been at it for years, I can show you how to realize your health and performance potential. I work with fitness-minded individuals, weekend warriors and competitive athletes who are looking to feel better and perform better with natural nutrition and active lifestyles. I practice what I preach. I know it takes dedication and hard work, but I can help you get there.

I don’t like labels, but work with all ways of eating and I show you how to balance your choices and how to eat clean. I break it all down into digestible bits (pun intended), and I’ll squash the nutrition and training myths and show you how to set and achieve realistic health and fitness goals.

If you want:

  • To change your lifestyle one step at a time
  • Understand the importance of nutrition and fitness
  • Feel better, eat better, look better, perform better

Then I can motivate you to Success!

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Professional Bio:


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Tara is the owner and founder of HEAL™ (HEALTHY EATING ACTIVE LIVING™). She started HEAL™ in 2006 to coach people through healthy eating and active living. She’s a writer for the Running Room magazine and has contributed to Canadian Cycling and Triathlon Canada magazines. Tara is a practiced and passionate speaker and works with both corporate clients and athletic teams to educate on nutrition and fitness. Tara focuses works with athletes of all abilities and believes that everyone can be and deserves to be healthy and fit.

Tara knows what it takes, because she’s been there. Having been active in her youth as a competitive swimmer for NYAC, Tara let physical activity and nutrition slip from priority as a young adult. However, she made a lifestyle change to eat better and workout regularly and lost 20 pounds and 10% body fat and reclaim her love for sport. She lives by the principles she advises and establishes these principles from current science and professional experience. Tara is a promoter of health, nutrition and fitness and is challenging you to do the same. From Nutrition, to coaching, to training, Tara wants to motivate you to success.


More About Tara:

  • Honours BA McMaster University- Anthropology, minor Biology
  • RNCP/ROHP – Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner / Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner provided by IONC
  • CNP- Certified Nutritional Consultant by Institute of Holistic Nutrition
  • PTS- Can Fit Pro – Personal Trainer Specialist
  • NCCP- Trained Triathlon Coach: Community,  Intro to Comp Part 1 and 2
  • NCCP- Trained Multi Sport Comp-Intro Part A
  • NCCP- Trained Cycling Coach: Community Initiation, Intro to Comp (Ready to Race)
  • Training Peaks Certified Coach
  • PN-Precision Nutrition Certified- Level 1 Coach
  • Poliquin BioSignature - Level 1 Practictioner
  • TRX Functional Training Course- Level 2
  • IONC - International Organization of Nutritional Consultants
  • PINES - Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport
  • COA - Coaches Association of Ontario
  • Ask A Nutritionist columnist for Running Room Magazine since 2006
  • Articles for: Breathe Magazine, Triathlon Canada Magazine, Cycling Canada Magazine, CanFitPro newsletters, That’sFit.ca, FitnessRepublic.com
  • Subject area expert in the "The Athletic Mom-to-be", by Dr Carol-Ann Weiss & Jennifer Faraone
  • Subject area expert in “Get Real” by Patricia Lovett-Reid
  • Speaker/Presenter at CanFitPro conference – Toronto
  • Speaker at HSBC triathlon Series Awards event
  • Speaker for Running Room Clinics, Team in Training, Power Soccer, Longboat Runners, Outer Harbour Dragon Boat Club, University of Toronto, AIM Health group, CMHC, CPFG, Holy-Name School, Leber-Rubes, Concert Properties and more
  • Nutrition provider & Sponsor for the Toronto Triathlon Club
Tara’s Race Accolades since 2002:
  • Numerous 5k, 10k distance races
  • Completed over 22 half marathons, and 4 marathons
  • 7 Half-Distance Triathlon's – Muskoka x 2, Mooseman, Syracuse, Mt Tremblant X 2, Rose City Triathlon
  • One Ironman- Ironman Canada 2012
  • Provincial titles: Cobourg Olympic 2009, Toronto Triathlon Festival 2012
  • Age group champion – MultiSport Canada 2011
  • Team Canada ITU teams- Budapest 2010, London 2013, Chicago 2015
Personal race records include:
  • 5k –22:26 (Women’s Run, Toronto 2010)
  • 10k – 43:36.5 (Sporting Life, 2014)
  • Half-marathon – 1:44:00 (Chilly Half, Burlington 2014)
  • 30k – 2:55:25 (Around the Bay, 2008)
  • Marathon – 3:56:46 (New York Marathon, 2009)
  • Olympic Distance Tri -2:27:17 (Toronto Triathlon Festival, 2012)
  • Half Ironman – 5:23.51 (Rose City /Welland, 2014)
  • Ironman – 12:16:55 (Ironman Canada, 2012)
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