Ask A Nutritionist- May/June 2012- Caffeinated!


ArticlesAre you caffeinated?   Coffee is a staple in most North American’s diet, but is it good for us?  The answer is not cut and dry. The main issue with coffee is that it contains caffeine, an addictive drug.  Caffeine is a naturally occurring ingredient in coffee, as well as tea, cocoa, kola, guarana and yerba mate, and a manufactured ingredient in some medications.  Even decaffeinated coffee can be of concern as well due to the chemical processing that removes the caffeine from coffee.  To find out more about caffeine, click here to read the full article as published in the Running Room Magazine.

2 responses on “Ask A Nutritionist- May/June 2012- Caffeinated!

  1. Tara says:

    Hello Tara,

    THANK YOU for your excellent article on Caffeine consumption in the Running Room, May /June edition.
    I really appreciated your well written  & researched evidence of the stimulating effects of caffeine.  I promise to take this to my workplace and let my co-workers read your article–as they are all interested in exercise!

  2. Tara says:

    Hi Tara,
    I just read your “Ask a Nutritionist!” column on coffee in the May|June 2012 issue of Running Room magazine. I have been re-considering my daily intake of coffee lately, and you article was informative, did show both pros and cons related to caffeine, and suggested ways of reducing regular consumption. I found it informative, and very relevant to the questions I had.

    Thank you very much. You have helped me out already!