Personal Training

TrainingPerform. Achieve. Sweat.

Individualized personal training programs designed to get the results you demand.

Active living is necessary to maintain cardiovascular health, proper weight, strength and muscle tone, as well as good bone density. Our Personal Trainers have the training and knowledge to help you achieve your goals safely and effectively, maximizing your results!

One-on-One Training

Stay on track and motivated with your personal trainer. We will review your background and help you set realistic goals. We’ll also keep you focused and working hard, while ensuring proper form and technique to maximize success and prevent injury.

Small Group Training

If you like to work out with friends or family with the same goals, semi-private or small group training will save you money while helping you reach your goals with your friends. Stay motivated by training together, and share each others’ successes!

BodyBlast Boot Camp

Join like-minded fitness enthusiasts looking to be put to the challenge. Our boot camps are designed to make you sweat while having fun in a group of up to 10 participants.  Click to read more about Body Blast Boot Camp.

Home Gym Design

Need help selecting fitness equipment for your home or condo gym? Schedule an appointment with a personal trainer to learn what equipment will best suit your goals and space.