3 April 2016


 April 3, 2016

12814537_10153742313542713_5103391425283566442_nAndrea wanted to improve her nutrition to fuel her training for an ultra marathon this season.  This was a new goal and a new distance, so it was time to revisit her nutrition plan.  She was feeling tired and having stomach issues with training prior to our last meeting.

Nutrition has been going well. The increase in good carbs has helped tremendously both with energy and with the cramps I used to get while running.  I think I used to get cramps from lack of food.  But my long runs have been must better since I’ve been taking more gels.  Am doing exactly what you told me.

While I’m training, I can feel exactly when I don’t have enough fuel.  For example, I went for a hilly run at 1pm yesterday and all I had had all day was coffee and a smoothie.  I should’ve had some additional fuel before the run.  I was low energy and got cramps.


Andrea Tomiuk, Toronto

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