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Success StoriesMy name is Christine, I’m a working mom of two young girls and now a half marathon runner thanks to Tara Postnikoff’s advice! I was a casual runner who had run a few 10 KM runs and decided that I had reached a time in my life when I wanted to push myself and meet some fitness goals. I had joined the running room’s half marathon clinic and was doing fine until we hit some of the longer distances. I was finding my recovery after the long runs harder and harder to bounce back from. Tara had spoken at one of our clinic nights and I thought I would give her a call to see if there was something I could do from a nutritional stand point.

It being my first half marathon I needed people to a bit prescriptive with me. Within our first phone call Tara solved a lot of the problems I was dealing with for my post run recovery. She gave me some sound advice that was easy to follow. I tried it that very Sunday and ran 18 KM and recovered quickly, I wasn’t laid out for the rest of the day as I had been in previous weeks. Tara and I had a follow up call a few days after my long run to make sure the advice she had provided worked.  To make sure it wasn’t a fluke I adopted the same advice on my next long run (that week it was 20 KM) and had the same great results.

Prior to reaching out to Tara, I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with the clinic. The recovery was that hard on my body. With Tara’s help and advice I was able meet my goals and I ran my first half marathon successfully! I’m now planning on running my second this time with the advantage of having Tara’s advice early on in the process!

Thanks Tara! I honestly couldn’t have reached my goals without your help.

Christine Pacheco, Toronto

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