EricDarcyAfter Ironman last year,  I developed the post-Ironman blues, which included, eating whatever and whenever I wanted…all healthy options went out the door…sugar, chips, chocolate, junk food, all became staples in my diet.  After some time, I decided that I needed to get myself back into a healthy eating lifestyle. I started working with Tara and she started me on a cleanse…immediately.  Within a couple of weeks I noticed my weight was going back down, I was feeling better, more awake, more energy for my workouts and my moods stabilized.  Shortly thereafter, Tara replaced some of my foods with better options for me and I noticed my bloating was going away and I was getting leaner and still holding onto my muscle mass, something that normally suffered when I lost weight.  Now, when I reach for something I shouldn’t, I have Tara’s voice in my head, asking me if this is going to help or hinder my training or performance.

Thank you Tara for your help and continued support.

Eric D’Arcy, Toronto

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