Joe Postnikoff

Did you participate in the HEAL Cleanse Challenge in April?  Well Joe did and he’s still doing it.   Congratulations Joe on your new HEAL(thy) lifestyle.   Here’s Joe’s success story:

“Thanks for inviting me to participate in Tara’s cleanse back in April.  I did the 5 days easy and just kept on going, with slight “deviations” now and then.  I’m down nearly 30 lbs and feel very good.  I’d be satisfied dropping another 10 to 20.  Also, I’m working out with a trainer at a little fitness center about 6 blocks from our house and feel great!”  
Joe Postnikoff, Fort Worth Texas

One response on “Success Story: Joe

  1. Molly says:

    I can vouch that he looks great and I know he feels better, his dedication is amazing!