7 May 2014


 May 7, 2014

testimonial-default When I first came to Tara, I knew I needed a lifestyle change. What I did not realize is that what I REALLY needed is a mindframe and attitude change. Tara showed me how to think and feel differently about how I was nourishing my body (or not nourishing it!) and that only I was responsible for the ultimate results. In the initial two months that we have worked together, I have lost six inches from my waist and am now able to fit into at least 5 dresses I had put aside for at least a year. More importantly, I have naturally and holistically reframed my habits. Though it is still work every day and my journey continues, what I have appreciated a great deal with Tara’s approach is that she is very thoughtful about integrating new habits and perspectives into what I was already doing, rather than make me transform my whole lifestyle all at once. That is a true gift.
         – Susanna
, Toronto, Loving my new outlook on Nutrition!

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