1239051_10151896330956101_1731252337_nI have been trying to improve the quality of my diet over the past few years but without much success. I eat fairly healthy foods but struggle a lot with sugar cravings. In the past, I tried tracking calories and my intake from the different food groups but I would inevitably feel hungry all the time and compensate by eating more sugary foods.

This summer I was training for my sixth Ironman triathlon and, looking for ways to improve on my finishing time from previous years, I decided that I needed to get help with my nutrition plan. I found that Tara’s suggestions did not radically change the way I ate, which made it easy to adopt the changes that she suggested, and she emphasized eating real food. After a couple of weeks of adjustment my sugar cravings disappeared and my energy levels were more consistent throughout the day. I was able to train longer and harder and not get sick or burned out like I had in past years. Consulting with Tara was also invaluable for finding a nutrition plan that would fit around my busy lifestyle.

This year I achieved my fastest Ironman finishing time yet. I believe that Tara’s nutritional advice was a key step to making that happen. Thanks Tara!


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