Guest Blogger Sue: Reinventing "Breakfast"


NutritionLike most of us, I think I’ve been brainwashed by society and the media to believe that certain foods are for breakfast: hot and cold cereals, pancakes, bacon and eggs… a muffin, yogurt with fruit… and at various times in my life I have tried all of the above for that first important meal of the day. However, I have now found what (for me) appears to be the perfect breakfast food and it’s none of the aforementioned: chickpeas!

I’ve found in the past few weeks that chickpeas with some vegetables or maybe a sliced tomato, keeps me more satisfied and energized for my morning than anything else I’ve tried up to now!

My friends at work think I’m a bit weird (well, they did anyway but now even more so) when I pull out my ‘breakfast’ but no one can deny that I’ve actually been more productive, more focused and less likely to snack at my desk when I start the day in that way. (Trust me the options are there – I’ve been baking up a storm for the holidays and am surrounded by cookies that I bring in – but not tempted to eat them!)

Let’s hear it for chickpeas!!

No, I’m not kidding!


Nutrition Facts on Chickpeas:

1 Cup, Cooked Chickpeas

269 Calories

45g Carbohydrate, 12g Fibre, 15g Protein, 4g Fat, including 2g of Polyunsaturated fats

Contains almost 5mg of iron, 84 mg calcium, 78 mg magnesium, 477 mg potassium, 2.5 mg zinc, 6.1 mcg selenium

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