How does your diet measure up?

30 July 2014


 July 30, 2014
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How Does Your Diet Measure Up?

In order to achieve top performance atstockxpertcom_id111442_size1-fruithletes require adequate energy, i.e. calories and various nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals – in the correct balance.


5 components of good nutrition include:
Adequacy– a diet which contains enough of the essential nutrients
Balance – a diet which contains a good proportion of nutrients.  No overemphasis of one food group or another.
Calorie Control – A diet which contains the correct amount of calories to maintain ideal body weight and to support training output.
Moderation – A diet which enables you to eat reasonable size portions.
Variety – a diet which contains different types of food to prevent boredom and to provide a full spectrum of nutrients


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