20 on the 20th! New York, New York 2011


On March 20th I completed my 20th half marathon in New York City .  This was just a “fun” race for me (no expectations of a finishing time) as I had just done my first half marathon of the year, 2 weeks earlier in Burlington.  I was happy to be back running in NYC, as it had been a year and a half since running my last marathon there in 2009.  NYC is such a phenomenal city to run in and there is always lots of support along the route.  This route took us through Central Park for the first 10k, then through the heart of the entertainment district, past Times Square, then finishing down near Battery Park.  It was like a running tour of the city.  While not a Personal Best time, I was still very pleased with my finishing time of 1:50 as I was taking it fairly easy.  Next up, Sporting Life 10k.

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