Fitness Fantastic! Christine Monson

1502842_10153753650120711_1730578573_oI have had the pleasure of knowing Tara in many different capacities over the past 14 years – as a friend, running partner, nutritionist, boot camp instructor, and most recently, as my personal trainer.  Tara started training me about one year ago to help me get back to my pre-pregnancy shape and fitness level.  Since our twice-weekly sessions began, I have lost weight and inches, have regained my core strength and then some,  and am now in even better shape than before I had my son!  Tara manages to give me a full-body workout every time I see her, even in the cramped quarters of my makeshift workout space – my son’s playroom!  Almost every single time I see her, she has a new exercise or a new type of workout for me and I am invariably sore for at least a few days (and often more!) afterwards.  She has even converted me into a burpee lover!  Tara is attentive and professional during sessions and knows just how much to push me to help me reach my goals.  Overall, Tara is fun, firm (but fair), and just plain fantastic!

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