9 November 2019


 November 9, 2019
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I met Hector at a triathlon clinic I was coaching to prepare athletes for the Toronto Triathlon Festival.  Hector approached me to help him lose weight and prepare for his first triathlon.  He had aggressive goals weight loss goals and I wanted to help him achieve these in a safe and realistic manner.  We removed a lot of the excess sugar in his diet and got him eating more whole foods in the right amounts to support his training.  Not only did Hector complete is first Sprint distance triathlon, he has also shaved over 4 mins off his 5k run time since July.  Hector lost a remarkable 50lbs in 6 months with a commitment to healthy eating!  Congrats Hector on all your accomplishments this season!

I lost 50 pounds in 6 months. Also I made my first triathlon/5K races of the season with amazing results. Changing habits was a big challenge, but maintaining the discipline a couple of weeks later you realize that diet and workout plan is part of your daily life. I overcome these challenges with discipline, the support of my family, my coach and my teammates.  I’m not done yet and would like to lose 10 more pounds of weight in the next 6 months and improve my PB Sprint Distance time next year.  If you are practicing sports and need a nutrition plan with balanced workouts you are in the best hands.  Tara is very responsive to your questions and provides excellent service.   I like the professionalism and the fact that Tara is also an athlete.  She knows by experience what kind of workouts and diets will work for you.
~Hector Palacios, Toronto


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