1959318_10151885305442540_465807614_nI have been on my new (mostly) vegetarian meal plan for about a week now. Tara said ‘you will feel great on this – trust me!’ and she was right!

I feel great! No craving sugary sweets or reaching for candy or cookies just because they happen to be there. My fruit consumption has decreased as well. This is a good thing for me – I’ve gone through periods where, left to my own devices, I’ll consume 6 servings of fruit in a day and it just does not agree with my system!

At first I thought that having lentils for breakfast was weird but as it turns out, I am far more satisfied and feel more balanced overall when I consume legumes for breakfast over my decades-long favourite: Oatmeal.

I’m now switching things up and having chickpeas or other sorts of beans for breakfast and it’s working out really well for me.

My midsection looks trimmer and I am feeling good. Overall my energy levels are really good too and on the days when they slip a little, I can usually trace it back to not having enough fats (nuts, avocado) that day.

I’m realizing that I was right on the money when I suggested that perhaps 2 servings per week of chicken or fish would likely be my maximum. That is about all I can manage. The rest of the time, I’m much happier on vegetarian fare.

I look forward to the long-term results of this new nutrition plan.

Thanks, Tara!

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