Success Stories

Success Stories

I love to hear from clients that have been successful in changing their eating habits and lifestyle as it is not an easy thing to do.  Today Sandie emailed me to let me know how things were going after 1 month on the HEAL program.  Great job Sandie, you’re doing fantastic!   Here’s what Sandie had to say:

I thought I’d send you a quick note before I go on vacation today for two weeks and follow up regarding my change in diet using the diet plan you gave me.

 I have noticed a huge difference in my body. My upper stomach inflammation has gone down and the pain in my upper gut has almost completely gone. I still get a sharp burning pain between 3-4PM, but it subsides very quickly by having about 10 almonds for a snack, but definitely not as intense as before.

 I have noticed my body shape has changed where I see a definition in my waist and hips. I have also noticed my nails are growing again. They are always the last to get nutrients. I have to cut them down which, never really had to do that. They have been thin, weak and breaking and splitting for some time now. That should have been my first clue.

 I didn’t realize how much dairy I was consuming until you recommended I eliminate it and I had to stop & think and recognize how often I was actually selecting a meal with some kind of dairy, whether it was a dressing or cheese sprinkled or melted on my food. It’s made a huge difference eliminating the dairy. I must have been in denial all this time and just ignored the signs, and symptoms of dairy (lactose) overload.

 I’m back to running and more important wanting to exercise. I don’t feel as congested on my chest and tired and a heavy feeling around my hips (if that makes any sense) before I even start. It’s amazing how certain foods can run your life. I don’t have the strong cravings for sugar as much anymore either. I’m at the stage where I can take it or leave and 99% of the time I’m not choosing sugary snacks.

 It’s a great feeling, thank you. I’m looking forward to talking again at my next 30 minutes session, in person or by phone works for me. Take care.

Have a great weekend.

 PS, I’m heading to the cottage and it’s going to be a “spa” two weeks, no sugar, dairy, or booze. I’m determined now to feel better.

Sandie George, Toronto

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