How did the Nutrigenomix Test help Pieter?

23 November 2017


 November 23, 2017

Thinking about the Nutrigenomix genetic test but aren’t sure yet?  Nutrition is a key factor in health and performance.  The foods and fluids and supplements you chose in your diet will impact your performance, adaptations to training, body composition and risk of illness or injury.  The human genome consists of about 25,000 genes and virtually all can exist in different forms.  From eye colour to hair colour, but also in how we metabolize and utilize foods, nutrients and supplements we ingest.  Different versions of a gene can make us respond differently to certain components in foods such as lactose in milk, gluten in bread, the caffeine in coffee or energy drinks.  The science of how specific genes change how we respond to dietary components enable us to use nutrition to its fullest potential to optimize health and athletic  performance through dietary choices.

We followed up with Pieter who took the test last winter to see what he had to say and how the test results have helped him in his nutrition choices and training.

Why did decide to take the Nutrigenomix test?

I didn’t have a specific goal, but I was just very curious to learn more about myself based my DNA. Given that I, in general, am quite focused on healthy eating and good nutrition, I wanted to see if this would provide me any new insights.

Did you know anything about nutri-genomics as a science before taking the test?

Not at all, I just heard somebody else mentioning that with this test they found out that they would benefit from avoiding gluten intake as well as taking extra omega 3.

What were the results you found most interesting?

By far I was most impressed with the negative impact of caffeine on my performance. Especially given that most athletes take extra caffeine during races, this is something I should avoid. Furthermore my sensitive to grains and extra requirement of calcium surprised me.

 What recommendations have you chosen to follow and why?

Most of the recommendations that I can easily fit in my daily life I have adopted. For example, I take extra supplements for the nutrition that I have a higher need for: Omega-3, Vitamin  C & D, and Calcium. Furthermore I avoid grains and caffeine as much as possible. However I won’t let this affect my lifestyle too much, for example, I will still take a nice regular cappuccino sometimes in the morning, however with respect to race nutrition and coffee intake in general I am quite strict.

Anything that you have chosen not to follow and why?

Avoiding gluten, I find this practically too much of a hassle to taken into account, plus I do love a good sandwich/bread.

Have you seen any improvements or changes due to the dietary modifications you made.

It is hard to tell if there are specific improvements, however in general I feel that I have a lot more energy. With respect to triathlon races, I have experienced the negative impact of taking caffeine during a race and definitely have noticed the gain of NOT taking caffeine.


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