KevinBrown I think I suffer from two things that afflict many people when trying to lose weight, 1) I love certain foods and 2) although I’ve always been active, when I do increase my activity level, i.e. training for an event, especially more endurance based, I tend to eat more thinking I need the extra “energy”.  Working with Tara really helped me focus on making the right “food choices” and understanding what type of food and the amount that is actually required pre, post and during certain activities and intensity levels.  I now have a better appreciation of being satiated versus being full and know the quantity and types of food necessary when I up my training so I don’t overeat.  Throughout the summer, in training for the Centurion in Collingwood, Tara, helped me lose the 10 lbs that had been hanging around for the past year and this year’s ride was a tremendous experience.  Head-and-shoulders improvement over last year.  I’m motivated to continue eating well and maybe losing another 5 lbs!!!  I’m excited about the off-season and what may be possible for next year.  Thanks Tara for all your help, you’ve been a great support!!!

~Kevin Brown, Toronto

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