23 November 2015


 November 23, 2015


Scott came to me mid-way through the 2015 season looking to improve his triathlon performance and lose some weight.  Scott took what I advised and applied it and had tremendous success losing just shy of 10kg over 2 and a bit months and posting a huge PB on his last race of the season!

“Thanks Tara for helping me have a lot of success in my 2015 triathlon season. I came to Tara because I needed help with losing a little weight while not affecting my performance on the bike and run portion of a triathlon. Tara worked with me to improve the quality of what I ate, this mostly involved cutting back on the sugar and massively increasing the amount of green stuff I ate J . My daily smoothie is very green now.
The end result of this was that I felt like I was actually eating more food while losing weight at a steady and controlled rate. We then combined the diet improvements with a rigorous training plan for swimming, cycling, and running. The combination of these meant that I did not lose any power on the bike portion of my racing while losing weight, this combination is exactly what you need to go faster.

We then worked on combining my new found speed with a race nutrition plan to fuel my body through an Olympic distance triathlon. The result of these plans was a personal best at two races. I look forward to continuing to work with Tara and HEAL to further these improvements and make 2016 my best triathlon season ever!”  Scott Rathbone, Toronto


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