Top 10 for 10: Goal Setting

9 September 2016


 September 9, 2016

Goal Setting

You’ve probably all heard it before but it’s worth repeating.  Without goals you have nothing to work towards and you can’t measure success or set-backs.  You need a goal(s) to properly have a plan of direction.

This is a great time of year to set goals.  The beginning of September is more of a new year for many than January 1.  It’s the perfect time to get started.

To help you get started I’ve created this goal setting worksheet for you to download at the bottom of this post.  This will help you determine what your goals are.  Your goals are unique to you.  Do not compare them to others.  Maybe you have a fitness goal like running a 5k or completing a half iron distance triathlon or deadlift 200lbs.  Maybe you want to lose weight or maybe you want to fix your diet.    In any case your goals need to be SMART!  

S – Specific   M – Measurable A – Attainable  R – Realistic – Time-bound

For example.  Saying you want to lose weight isn’t enough.  Without identifying how much weight, and by when it’s just a dream without action.  Putting some parameters in place will help define your dream into a goal.  Use the acronym SMART to help set these parameters.

SMART goals provide will provide FOCUS.  Once you have clearly defined goals it’s important to make your daily actions and choices align with your goals.  Goals will help you in separating what’s important from what’s irrelevant, or from distractions.  Tempted to blow off a workout?  Ask yourself: “Will that help me achieve my goal?” Or tempted to indulge in another drink or piece of cake?  Ask yourself: “Will that help me achieve my goal?”

Your choices become easier when you know what you are working towards.

Lastly, your goals should have some accountability. Declare your goals to the world, a colleague, close friend or loved one.  Find a “goal-buddy” to help keep you on track.  Having the added accountability will help you stay focused on that goal.

Goal-Setting-Worksheet1.pdf (600 downloads)

<h3 class=”pink”>Need help with your goal setting or planning towards your next goal.  Fall is a great time to get started on a new fitness goal or making dietary changes.  Tara is available to help you reach your goals!</h3>

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