Why should you consider attending a triathlon training camp as part of your training plan?

15 October 2018


 October 15, 2018

Why should you consider attending a training camp as part of your 2019 training plan?

1.  Break up your winter training.  While January might not seem like the ideal time for a training camp as it’s still 4 months away from from our local outdoor season, after a couple months of indoor monotony, this can help freshen up your training and help re-spark your enjoyment in the sport.  With increased volume and strength gained in the camp you will return home with more fitness and motivation for the remainder of the winter season.   You will also get a chance to re-familiarize yourself with bike handling skills during the winter season, making you fresher for the next time you are out on the road.  

2.  Focused Training & Recovery.  At camp you will leave your regular life and routine behind for a few days to fully focus on your training.  No distraction, no last minute meetings, no excuses.  You’ll have more time and more energy to handle the increased training load and you’ll see a positive impact on athletic performance for the remainder of the season.  Without your regular life to worry about, you can focus on training and recovery.

3.  The Coaching.  Small group training means lots of personal attention from your coaches.  With an athlete to coach ratio of 4-5:1 you’ll receive lots of feedback on your training and skills within all three sports

4.  Meet new training partners!  The benefits of training and socializing with like-minded and like-skilled individuals are enormous. The most long lasting friendships are forged through joint experiences and a training camp offers plenty of challenging experiences for everyone in attendance. It’s not uncommon to see guests arrive as complete strangers and leave as friends for life!

Do you have any questions?  We’re here to help you.  Want to talk about anything before booking to find out if this camp is right for you?  Email or call Tara or Miranda.  We will discuss logistics of traveling with a bike as well if this is your first time.

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