11 December 2014


 December 11, 2014

ViktorVB2Meet Viktor.  Viktor just completed his first Olympic distance triathlon after working with me for 3 months.  He was incredibly disciplined and had a strong work ethic which paid off with an amazing finishing time!  Way to go Viktor!  

On December 6, 2014 I finished my first Olympic triathlon, an idea which was born in my mind a few years ago. I had a pretty good idea of the many separate individual elements which needed to be completed: do your swimming, practice your runs and of course do the bike. It does not stop there, and there are many other components, including strength and recovery, as well as diet.

The many different things that one must do to successfully execute a triathlon is seriously mind boggling, and they kept spinning in my mind. And because I have always valued a comprehensive approach to the things that I do, and the details involved, I was often stuck and stressed out regarding which order to do my workouts, which meals to eat when, the intensity and duration of the sessions that I should do. Naturally, I gravitated towards exploring coaches who could help me understand the links between the many components as well as their magnitude of importance.

After undergoing a comprehensive selection process, I started training with Tara in September of 2014, in order to complete that Olympic Triathlon, and to also lose weight by becoming healthier. My positive impression of Tara during my selection process was immediate. Even during our first meeting over coffee, she instantly helped me make the link among the many elements needed to execute a triathlon and most importantly to do so while leading a healthy lifestyle. I proceeded to train with Tara over the next three months, including a comprehensive training regimen as well as an all-encompassing ongoing diet and health assessment.

Fast – forward to December, I dropped 15lbs in three months and feel the best in years. On December 6, 2014 I finished my first Olympic triathlon, overcoming many obstacles in the three month build up to the event, including a partial fracture in wrist and leg, during a bike accident in November during a snow storm. My completion time was better than expected and seriously has yet to sink-in, and my recovery was even better than during the many shorter distance triathlons which I previously completed.

I had a moment of culmination after the event as I headed back to hotel. I sat down at the table, ate some quinoa, chicken breast, and a plate of fresh vegetables and I was ecstatic. That is the point at which I realized that I have come a full circle. I got to this point by training and eating healthy, by feeling great, and most importantly by simply doing these things as a natural part of my life. This is something for which I would like to extend a special thanks to coach Tara!

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