HEAL™ Summer Nutrition Shape Up

Shape Up Your Summer Nutrition

It’s time to put yourself first for a change!

Join the HEAL™ Summer Nutrition Shape up 12 day challenge to regain control over your eating habits!

Starts July 23, 2018!  Sign up by July 12th!

HEAL Summer Nutrition Shape Up!
Now is the perfect time to shape up your nutrition.  Whether you’ve been training hard for awhile or just need to work on your eating habits the HEAL Summer Nutrition Shape Up will help you regain control over your food choices!  Don’t wait for next month when you can start reaching your goals now!
The program starts on Monday July 23rd and runs officially until Aug 3rd (though some choose to continue on their own for longer).  That’s 12 days of online nutrition coaching and a group environment for added support.  It’s so much easier with the help from others to stay committed to your goal.  You’ll receive daily motivational and educational informational emails as well as daily recipes to help you throughout and after the refresh.  Listen, you can’t change everything in 12 days, but you can start collecting the tools and information to help change those habits over time.
Why SHAPE UP now?
We’re half way through the summer and you’re likely ready to take back control of your eating.  Summer months are great for relaxing our body and mind but if we relax our food and drink choices too much you mind find you are not meeting your performance or healthy goals.  Still have a BIG race coming up? No problem-we aren’t restricting calories on this program so dial in on your nutrition to help you reach your racing-weight goals.  On Vacation? Sign up now and save the emails and information for when you are ready to start.
How to get started?
Reply to this email and I’ll send you a link to provide payment or you can send your email transfer here.   Limit 25 people!

What’s Included:

  • Daily emails with valuable nutrition information and tips for making long term changes.
  • Practical nutrition guidelines including a 12-day menu plan, shopping list and daily recipes- $150 value
  • Email Support and Motivation from your Nutritionist, Tara Postnikoff and HEAL refresh group.
  • Featured supplement (Professional probiotic) – $45 value.  Why a probioitic?  Read more here to find out that probiotics are good for more than just gut health!

What is involved:

  • You’ll be learning how to make small changes in your nutrition habits for long term success.
  • Minimizing dietary stresses by avoiding a short list of foods. While it is ideal if you can abstain from certain foods and beverages for the entire 12 days, if that is not possible you’ll still benefit. 

What’s the investment:

  • $125 + HST 


    • Sign up by July 12th, Starts July 23rd, 2018!

What people are saying?

“I just wanted to post an update as the Fall Reset has been key in helping me to make some fundamental changes. My big issues were/are sugar and stress eating. Life events, travel etc are all things that could set off a series of bad choices. I am happy to say that after a trip recently and some serious stress in general I was able to embrace the healthier side of life there with an abundance of vegetables and water only. No Coke – which is a first for me. (I have not had any since the challenge started.) Thanks to Tara and to the other participants for their support and stories. It made, and continues to make, a huge difference.”   Mike, Toronto

“It’s my second holiday one and third with HEAL and what I like is the gentle guidance, group support and general flexible mindset in how we approach it. It isn’t all or nothing, it just helps tweak some areas that need awareness or addressing. I keep coming back for a reason!”  Alice Toyonaga, Toronto/LA

“I just wanted to let you know that I loved the Cleanse.  I would do it again!  I feel great and I also feel my belly fat reduced!  I honestly feel my stomach is way flatter! I’ve changed the way that I eat. More fruit and vegetables and I cook with coconut oil.  Another thing that I am very proud of is that I made my own lunch every day! So I was saving money and eating better!   Mostly I am more mindful of what I eat and I thank you.”  Susan, Toronto

“I lost 4 pounds, but I look and feel like I lost more. Shannon lost 9lbs with reduced training.  Family and friends have been commenting on how god my skin looks. It also feels much softer.  I cut out caffeine and after a few days I did not even miss it. I think now that it is over I will go back to only 1 cup of green tea in the morning – I used to drink 2 to 3 cups in the morning.   I love the tea!   I don’t drink milk anymore but was having a hard time cutting out the cheese and other dairy products before the cleanse. I am not craving cheese anymore and am going to try really hard not to eat it anymore.   Sugar was hard. I will admit I love chocolate and organic chocolate covered almonds. I think I had a bit of sugar withdrawal for a few days (headaches) and then I was fine.   The daily emails and recipes were very helpful. We tried many of the recipes and loved them all. Most were quite quick to make. I loved all the smoothly recipes. It is always been a challenge to mix up the smoothly recipes so it was great that you provided so much choice. I bought some pineapple and beets this weekend so I am looking forward to trying the recipe this week.  I have trying to get us on a 100 % organic diet, but it can be a challenge so I really found the articles on organics interesting. Shannon is working on a wellness book right now and has been saying for ages that buying local is often better and buying US organics. We are going to stick with organic meat for sure.  My stomach was fine the first week, but I had major GI issues the second week. I definitely feel that the colon tea did it’s job!   The only time I missed alcohol was the first Friday after a really long and hard work week.    I don’t miss bread at all. I missed pasta a bit, but now we are going to be 100% brown rice pasta hen we eat it.    I like the pre-holiday aspect because I gave me a solid reason not to binge on sweets and cheese at a few parties.   We are going to try to do this twice a year and I have been recommending it to everyone who will listen 🙂 ”  Robyn, Toronto

“It was a great cleanse. I have been able to stop my sugar cravings, but I’m not testing myself. I don’t go near the stuff.   I’ve stuck to the eating plan. I don’t do the recipes though, I’m a simple eater. I’ve eaten lots of vegs with hummus. I lost six pounds and have stabilized, my system and I do feel much better. Cheers and thanks again for introducing this cleanse to me.”  Claire, Toronto