How did Nutrigenomix test results help Katrina?

25 October 2017


 October 25, 2017

Thinking about the Nutrigenomix genetic test but aren’t sure yet?  Nutrition is a key factor in health and performance.  The foods and fluids and supplements you chose in your diet will impact your performance, adaptations to training, body composition and risk of illness or injury.  The human genome consists of about 25,000 genes and virtually all can exist in different forms.  From eye colour to hair colour, but also in how we metabolize and utilize foods, nutrients and supplements we ingest.  Different versions of a gene can make us respond differently to certain components in foods such as lactose in milk, gluten in bread, the caffeine in coffee or energy drinks.  The science of how specific genes change how we respond to dietary components enable us to use nutrition to its fullest potential to optimize health and athletic  performance through dietary choices.

We followed up with Katrina who took the test last winter to see what she had to say and how the test results have helped her in her nutrition choices and training.

1. Why did you decide to take the Nutrigenomix test?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a greater awareness of how my body functions, and overall much more interested in improving my long term health. While I had never done any previous dietary testing, I thought it would be insightful to learn more about my genetic profile, and to arm myself with the data to develop an optimal nutrition strategy.  Further, I have recently become involved in endurance sports, and have come to realize that proper nutrition for my body is as important as any of the other training components. The opportunity to learn about how my body may or may not respond to particular foods, beverages and supplements and/or about any potential health issues that I have an elevated risk towards seemed very helpful.

2. Did you know anything about the field of nutri-genomics as a science before taking the test?

Not really. I had listened to a few podcasts that dealt with blood/gut testing, about had not heard of Nutrigenomics.

3. What were the results you found most interesting?

I had also done some food sensitivity testing, and found it interesting/helpful that my genes confirmed many of the results I had received. Both indicated that I had a fairly high sensitivity to dairy and gluten; both of which I consumed in my diet a fair bit. I also found it helpful to learn about the foods & supplements that may be helpful to include in my diet to avoid any issues with insufficiency.

4.What recommendations have you chosen to follow and why?

Following the test, I removed the foods that indicated I had a particular sensitivity to. While they haven’t been removed completely, I for the most part avoid gluten and dairy.  Also, I added some supplements to my diet – specifically Magnesium and Fish Oil/Vitamin D. I’m much more cognizant of what I eat, and when I am disciplined about following the guidelines, I really do feel great.

5. Anything that you have chosen not to follow and why?

Not that I can think of. My test did indicate an Ultra disposition to strength and power based activities and that I should incorporate strength training, however I don’t do it very consistently 🙂

6. Have you seen any improvements or changes due to the dietary modifications you made.

As mentioned above, when I’m consistent and or disciplined about following the modifications, I feel great. I also have seen an improvement in my recovery times from harder efforts, and haven’t dealt with any gut/fatigue issues when racing. While that was never a major issue for me, I do think when I’m more mindful of my nutrition, my mood, attitude, performance is all very much improved.


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