Staying Healthy During Covid-19 Pandemic

25 March 2020


 March 25, 2020

There is lots of uncertainty right now across the globe and you are probably feeling any number of emotions from stress to sadness to frustration.  Try to address the things you have control over to help reduce the impact that these feelings might be having on your body.  Here are 10 tips for staying healthy and eating well during these times.

  1. Go for daily walks.You are probably moving less working from home. Set a step goal and try to meet it daily!
  2. Stay on a schedule for sleep, eating and training. The body likes routine and you’ll feel a sense of safety in structure.
  3. Take regular breaks and go outside – work for 50, break for 10.
  4. Kitchen is off limits except for meal time!
  5. Learn how to cook or experiment in the kitchen with different foods.  Check out my recipe section for ideas.
  6. Avoid snacking throughout the day.
  7. Exercise moderately.If you need ideas, there are lots of free videos circulating online or reach out to your trusted fitness professional.  Avoid too much intensity, especially if you are feeling less than 100%.
  8. Stay hydrated.You might be thirsty, not hungry.
  9. Eat a vegetable if you feel like a snack between meals.  If that is unappealing, you likely aren’t truly hungry.
  10. Incorporate some meditation / mindfulness to help reduce stress. Even 5 mins per day will help.

If you have questions or concerns about what you can do eat better or maintain your training get in touch. HEAL is here to help you reach your goals! Want to get started? Contact us today!

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