The end of the 2010 race season


I ended the 2010 race season with a 5k as part of the Toronto Women’s Run Series, in Sunnybrook Park at the end of October.  I hadn’t run a 5k (on it’s own) in a long time and I wanted to see what I could do.  I didn’t really train specifically for this race or recover from my previous races and my body was itching for some time off, but I knew I could handle one more race this year.  I crossed the line in 22:28 thinking the only thing fun about a 5k event is that it is done in 22 minutes.  Those intense efforts really hurt.

After coming back from Budapest I decided to run my 4th and 5th half marathons of the year, 3 weeks apart (Scotiabank and Goodlife)  to support my runners from the Running Room Half Marathon clinic.  I had trained minimally for these events, despite leading the clinic, as my focus had been on the 10k distance due to my triathlon 3 weeks earlier.   It was fun to finally run a race not for time but to encourage and support those trying to meet their goals.

Looking back over the year I completed a record high 13 races, including 5 half marathons, and 5 triathlons, achieving at least 4 new personal best times.  I declare 2010 a great success!

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