May 18, 2021

Summer Hydration for Athletes

Summer Hydration for Athletes Staying hydrated is important for both health and training performance. In the hotter, humid months proper hydration is an important consideration as […]
May 25, 2020

Staying Hydrated in the Heat

Water Up!   All the cells in you  body are made up of water.  Water is necessary for all of bodies functions.  Without water we die.   Water […]
June 15, 2018

Beet Watermelon Aid

A nitrate rich tangy drink. Use this to boost your athletic performance! If you Like it, Share it! Check out HEAL’s nutrition and training programs or […]
August 28, 2016

Ask A Nutritionist – How should athletes adjust their diet for the Heat

How should athletes adjust their diet during hot training and race conditions? In the hot, humid months of summer proper hydration is especially important to consider […]
June 17, 2016

Stay Hydrated- Tips for optimizing hydration this summer!

Don’t forget to drink enough pure water daily. Your body is made up of water and whether you are an athlete or not you need to […]
May 24, 2016

Cucumber Limonade!

Cool off this summer with cucumber!