December 2, 2015

6 lessons I (re)learned about getting into fitness

I recently spent about 10 days with a bad cold.  It was part sinus, part chest cold and a whole lot of awful. Walking around the […]
November 23, 2015

Success Story: Scott Rathbone

Scott came to me mid-way through the 2015 season looking to improve his triathlon performance and lose some weight.  Scott took what I advised and applied […]
October 31, 2015

Off Season Nutrition for Athletes

As we enter the fall, most athletes enter an active recovery phase of training, known as the “off-season.” This phase of your annual training plan is […]
March 21, 2015

Ask A Nutritionist: Do Calories Matter?

  In the latest issue of the Running Room magazine I answered the discussed the question of whether diet and nutrition was more than just calories […]
December 19, 2014

Ask A Nutritionist: Fruits

In the latest issue of the Running Room Magazine I tackle the question on how much fruit is too much if one is trying to lose […]
December 11, 2014

Success Story: Viktor Vorobiev

Meet Viktor.  Viktor just completed his first Olympic distance triathlon after working with me for 3 months.  He was incredibly disciplined and had a strong work […]
November 10, 2014

A gift to you!

Its time for the HEAL ™ Pre-Holiday Cleanse.   It’s time to be a little selfish and think about you again.  Join me on December 1st […]
September 23, 2014

Success Story: Lori H

I am so excited to share this success story!  Lori took on a challenge to make some big changes in her life by eating better and […]
September 11, 2014

Ask A Nutritionist: Do you Crave Sugar

Are you struggling to give up sugar and turning to artificial sweeteners to keep your mouth and brain satisfied?  Well this might not be the best […]