August 15, 2013

Cool Garden Soup

A thick and creamy yet refreshing cold soup perfect for hot days!
August 14, 2013

How to do a single-leg stretch – the right way

Personal Trainer Katheen Trotter shows you how to do a simple leg stretch that maximizes your workout. Watch the Video
August 9, 2013

Mastering your taper- nutritionally!

This is a common question I hear from my athletes this time of year….  “Help!  I’m worried I’m going to gain weight on my taper as […]
August 9, 2013

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

No Dairy, No eggs, No Sugar, No Wheat. Try this savory pudding with an unexpected twist- Avocado. Those who know me know how much I love […]
August 7, 2013

Tone your upper body with the help of a park bench

Personal trainer Kathleen Trotter shows you the proper technique when doing an angled push-up on a park bench. Watch the Video
August 6, 2013

Ask A Nutritionist (July/Aug 2013) -Food Adaptation?

  If a person only consumes the same vegetables and fruits everyday does the body get accustomed to them?  Find out if variety in foods is […]
August 2, 2013

Strawberry Mint Refresher!

A cool and refreshing totally natural drink for a hot day! Best part it was mostly from my garden.
July 31, 2013

Video: This classic Pilates exercise does wonders for your core

Kathleen Trotter, Personal Trainer demonstrates the Pilates 100s. Be mindful of your movement – don’t just go through the motions. Watch the video.
July 26, 2013

Coconut Chickpea Soup

A delicious and healthy soup