June 14, 2013

Basil Lime Refresher

A refreshing twist on water
June 12, 2013

Tone Arms & Tighten Core with Tricep Kickbacks

Toning arms in way that you can exercise your core & other muscles at the same time. Personal trainer Kathleen Trotter shows us a great technique […]
June 6, 2013

Guest Blogger: Alice Yoga Poses for Common Injuries

I know we have lots of athletes out there that love their sport and can’t get enough of it.  But sometimes too much of a good […]
June 5, 2013

The Most Common Push-Up Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes when working on push-ups is undertaking a too advanced for your training. Kathleen Trotter shows us what to look out […]
June 4, 2013

Consistency & Practice!

Remember nutrition is about consistency and practice, not just about what you do the week before the race or on race day.  What you consume or […]
June 3, 2013

Ask A Nutritionist- May/June 2013 -Breakfast Smoothies

In the most recent Running Room Magazine issue I discussed whether or not protein smoothies were a good option for breakfast.  Want to know what makes […]
June 3, 2013

Shaken Not Stirred – Ottawa Citizen

A recipe of mine was picked up by the Ottawa Citizen in advance of the Ottawa Marathon on May 26th.  It’s a great recovery recipe for […]
May 29, 2013

How to Create a Balanced Workout

Personal trainer Kathleen Trotter explains, the trick to balancing a workout is to make sure you work opposing muscle groups equally. Watch the video
May 22, 2013

How to choose the right weight to lift

Kathleen Trotter explains how to select an appropriate weight for the maximum benefit in your chosen exercise style. Watch the video